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The Features of the Machines That Rowmec Offers

Based in Texas, Rowmec provides numerous tree clearing and mulching machines, and the company offers many types of new devices that have been created by Prinoth, which was founded in 1951. Customers may select the Raptor 200, and Rowmec also sells two larger machines that are compatible with Prinoth's heavy-duty mulchers.

The Raptor 800

This vehicle's engine has a displacement of 18.1 liters, and the motor is able to generate 630 horsepower. In spite of its weight of more than 47,000 pounds, the Raptor 800 is capable of traveling at 4.66 miles per hour. After the mulcher has been added to the machine, the vehicle has a weight of approximately 57,320 pounds.

The Raptor 800 is able to easily traverse terrain of all types, and the machine's standard tracks have a width of 600 millimeters. Customers may also choose tracks with a maximum width of 800 millimeters. The front section of the vehicle features six sizable lights, and the rear has four lights and a durable camera. Furthermore, each side of the Raptor 800 is equipped with four additional lights.

The vehicle's cab contains a heated seat that is fully adjustable, 14 lights, an air conditioner and an especially durable seat belt. The windshield is made of polycarbonate, which is designed to withstand impacts of all types.

Clients may select a wide range of additional features, such as an overpressure system, a GPS, a central lubricating system and an extra seat. Many customers also add wipers to the side windows and a holder for laptops.

The Raptor 500

This vehicle's engine is able to produce approximately 416 horsepower and has a displacement of 12.5 liters. Like the Raptor 500, the machine can move at a speed of 4.66 miles per hour, and when the device is equipped with a mulcher, the vehicle's maximum weight is 53,506 pounds.

The Raptor 500 has a fully insulated cab and a container that is able to hold sizable tools. Moreover, the machine features a grille that is designed to protect the windshield and smaller grilles that shield the headlights.

The Raptor 200

This machine's engine can generate 173 horsepower and has a displacement of 6.6 liters. The Raptor 200's ground clearance is 15.1 inches, and the vehicle's tracks have a width of 450 millimeters.

Like the other two machines, the Raptor 200 is equipped with a high-quality fire extinguisher. In order to more effectively cool the engine, the manufacturer has also added a reversible fan to the radiator.

The vehicle's structure is designed to handle rollovers in all types of terrain. Furthermore, customers may add a protective barrier that prevents falling objects from coming into contact with the cab.

Getting Started

If you want to find out more information about the tree clearing and mulching machines that Rowmec sells, you should fill out the
contact form on the company's site, and the business will generally respond within 24 hours. Moreover, you may call 800-259-9548.

ROWMEC Sales and Service Provides Everything You Need to Clear the Land

In the early 1970s, our family formed the small land-clearing company known as O'Hagan's Tree Eater Service, Inc., and we spent the next 20 years servicing residential and commercial properties and clearing land to make way for oil pipelines and establishing power line right-of-ways. Along the way, we learned a great deal about tree clearing and mulching machines, and we used that knowledge to create another company.

Our family and a small staff of dedicated and hard-working employees now operates ROWMEC, Right-of-Way Maintenance Equipment Company, Inc., out of Conroe, Texas. Our goal is to offer the best and newest mulching equipment along with a full service repair facility for all mulching machines.

New Products

We offer top-of-the-line tree shredding equipment, mulching equipment and complete mulching machine packages for any size job. Several attachments manufactured under the Prinoth label are also available, and these include stump grinders, mulching attachments and soil stabilizers.


Our parts department is extremely well-stocked with a large variety of fine Forestry Equipment. Chances are very good that we will have any part that you may need available at our fingertips, and we will have any part that we don't have in stock quickly shipped out to you direct from the manufacturer. We also make various hoses on-site to fit your specific needs.

Used Inventory

If you would like to save some money, then come have a look at our used brush cutting and mulching equipment for sale. We give all of our used equipment a good tune-up and cleaning before we offer it for sale, so you can be sure of receiving equipment that will do the job. Our inventory changes regularly, so check in often. Also, let us know if you are in the market for a specific used product, and we will keep our eyes open for it.


In addition to offering the sale of new, used and custom-made mulching equipment and related products, we are also happy to offer your used equipment for sale on a consignment basis. If your machine breaks down in the field, we will come out to fix it or bring it in for repair at our on-site facility. Our locator services will assist you in finding any machine or part that you need.

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